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What are your plans for this Easter holiday?

Easter break starts just this Friday and if you don’t have plans you should know that you are not alone. Yhep! while others have major holiday plans to go vacationing, touring and site seeing, some of us either have too much work to finish, too broke to buy plane tickets or are too lazy to plan for anything. which of the above categories do you fall in? Well am not here to give you advice or anything, but i think everyone needs to chill-ax this holidays, go have fun with friends, family, your belle or beau.

So those of you feeling like you need to complete that project, well…i think you should, cos you are probably a workaholic. And for you, my broke friend, you can invite other friends over and ask them to bring stuff (like drinks, cupcakes..you know, the party stuff) and they could bring other friends too and y’all could have a lit get together, unless you roll with a bunch of other broke people like yourself (lol). And for those of you who are too lazy to plan anything, cant say much for you guys, just know you’ll either be spending your holidays alone, cos nobody wants to roll with a lazy bum or you can have a movie marathon with an equally lazy friend, , or you do that alone, your options are infinite….

If you are in a different category or you have a holiday plan you’ll like to share, please do well to state it in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe for notifications on our latest posts..

“with love, from love, to love…” Airiya :*